The Event – Contact Making Seminar

Contact Making Seminar

8th to 14th December 2014

Laguépie, France

Some of the participants

The Contact Making Seminar was organised by CCIVS and Solidarités Jeunesses and hosted by  Solidarités Jeunesses Midi Pyrénées Citrus, engaging thirty participants from eleven diferent countries.

This seminar was the first stage of the project C2P, which allowed organisations to meet, share and learn about each other’ s actions; to map different actions taking place in the EU and Southern Mediterranean countries; to create common Guidelines specific to the region and recommendations to the CCIVS Plan of Action, to improve Youth Participation and Exchange between the participating countries and regions and which could apply for the network.

The objectives of the seminar where :

  1. To introduce IVS, CCIVS and other organisations;
  2. To exchange good practices in the field of youth work, non-formal education;
  3. To map the IVS projects tackling inclusion and active citizenship that have been implemented by IVS organisations so far;
  4. To analyse projects and their results, with a clear focus on their strengths and weaknesses;
  5. To define the approach of IVS organisations on inclusion and active participation (political priorities, partners/stakeholders to be involved, etc.);
  6. To identify needs and reflect together on how to tackle these issues;
  7. To develop new mobility projects within promoters countries, reinforce MEDA region co-operation. To promote reciprocity within youth exchanges giving equal opportunities to all young people, develop a medium-term plan of action in the field of inclusion and active participation.