The Project 2015

Contact Making to Youth Participation; the Strengthening of a Culture of Peace Focusing on Active Participation and Social Inclusion among Young People in the EU And The Southern Mediterranean

Background of the project

Following the creation of the “VOLUNTEERING 2011: Global Strategies for Global Challenges – The Youth Volunteering Movement answering the challenges of Sustainability, Social Inclusion and MDGs”, the members of IVS defined Active Participation and Social inclusion and Human rights and Peace as main thematic actions for the movement.

The project is directly linked to the CCIVS plan of action and touches issues including a culture of peace, active participation and its organisational aspects which are related to designing, implementing and evaluating projects which tackle this thematic area.

Flow of the project

This project took place in three stages.

The first stage was a contact making seminar, where the participants shared information about the organisations and about the best practices. The aim was to create a map which shows the IVS projects tackling inclusion and active citizenship and peace processes that have been implemented by IVS organisations so far, so that the project can analyse their strengths and weaknesses and see what are the areas that needs improvement and what can be done to improve youth participation in the Mediterranean area. Read more here.

The second stage was a staff exchanges taking place in several counties of the Mediterranean area and allowing each participant representing an organisation to understand better the understanding of the local contexts and to give new ideas to create innovative projects and partnerships. Read more here.

The third and last stage was an evaluation meeting to evaluate all the stages of the project and plan the next steps of active participation and social inclusion projects for the years to come. Read more here.


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