The Event – Final Conference

The Final Conference took place from the 22 – 27 November in Morocco hosted by UMAC. It targetted 26 partners of the C2P project in order for them to represent their organisations and to share the work implemented in the field.

Date: arrival on 22nd and departure on 27th November 2016

Hosted by: UMAC

Venue Address: in Bouznika, between Rabat and Casablanca, in Morocco.

The event gave the possibility for partners of the C2P project to network and meet with CCIVS members coming from different organisations across the world.

CCIVS members make part of the proposals and construction of new policies and proposals to the Plan of Action of CCIVS. Participants had the possibility during the Final Conference to:

  1. Evaluate the C2P project and feedback on any actions and tools you have implemented during the summer months following the Training
  2. Participate in the construction of the 2017-18 CCIVS Plan of Action and feedback on the White Paper for International Voluntary Service
  3. Participate in the Open Conference on ‘The Role of the International Voluntary Service Movement within the Context of Radicalisation and Violent Ideologies – from Grassroots initiatives to Global Approaches’
  4. Observe in the first day of the CCIVS GA (unless you are a full member in which case you have your usual rights)
  5. Network and build new partnerships

Objectives of the Conference: 

  1. To better understand the phenomena of rejection of migrants and refugees, of rise of violent extremism.
  2. To share best practices on active participation and the decrease of violence, extremism and marginalisation.
  3. To analyse our position as IVS organisations in this context and define how we could better address those challenges and contribute to a more peaceful world.
  4. To design proposals for the CCIVS plan of action and global initiatives.
  5. To provide a space to reflect on the actions implemented after the training for Peace Builders and the work in the field of the partner organisations
  6. To improve cooperation and exchange between the EU and the Southern Mediterranean region.

Profile of the participants: 

The project was open to the partners of the C2P project who could nominate a person to represent their organization externally and who could share the work of the partner organisation on the field having a good working knowledge of English and coming from one of the partner organisations of this project.